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Easy Dental Visits at family dentist simi valley

Posted on | October 25, 2013 | Comments Off

At some point, nearly every patient in a dental office will experience a strong gagging reflex that is neither fun nor exciting. When the dentist or dental assistant has your mouth filled with x-ray films, or dental instruments at the back of the mouth, it is typically a natural reaction for the body and throat to gag. However there are easy ways to distract yourself and create a more relaxing environment in an effort to move past the gagging reflex.

The first step is to visit a dental office that is highly sensitive in understanding how individuals struggle with the gagging reflex, such as those at family dentist simi valley. Typically, nearly one out of every five individuals that visit the dentist office will often gag during the appointment. This can happen during the examination, when x-rays are taken, or when any procedure is performed and requires the patient to keep their mouth open.

Taking the right attitude into the dental office is a simple way to avoid the gag reflex. Understand that you are there to improve the quality and health of your oral hygiene. Smiling, breathing and relaxing are all essential to staying calm during the visit and minimizing the potential for gagging.

When meeting with the dentist, dental hygienist or other dental professional at while sitting in the chair, it is important to discuss any concerns you might have about your gagging reflex that could occur during the procedure. Every dental care professional including the dental hygienist is there to help you maximize the health benefits of your mouth. They can easily reassure you how this is a common problem, and how to avoid it.

Often times the dentist or dental hygienist is sympathetic and appreciates discussing your concerns. They will often remove x-ray film and other dental equipment as quickly as possible to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Qualified dentists, like those at, will indicate that it is better to breathe through the nose and concentrate on your breathing, during any procedure. Breathing through the nose maximizes the potential of avoiding gagging.

In addition, distraction helps greatly. Moving the feet or tapping the tips of your shoes together and counting is an easy way to be distracted during the procedure, exam or x-ray. Just moving the feet gently is an easy solution that does not disrupt the professional in their efforts to provide you premium oral hygiene care.


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